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Live from Nyc this can be. . . it may be Thursday, and Kenan Thompson returned to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. At the end of September, he has 57 floors above Business 8H, he drinks a Ketel and a soda from the glittering tavern to the top of the structure, with opinions of jewelers in the city he has qualified as a property since 2003 Just three weeks ago, his wife, Christina Evangeline, gave birth to their next baby girl, a girl named Gianna, and her family is still their last property of the summer season in Tampa Bay, California. They limited too girls clothes size 8 have several business days in New York, but he has to hurry. "Now I'm in the hallway," he says. Thompson is outfitted for the summer holidays - dark Yankees' limit, dark Sean Steve's quick-switch switch, product pants - and talks about his task. He likes his job. He's been running it for a while. Thompson, who begins his 16th Sunday Night Time Live season on June 29, became one of the longest cast members of the series last year. It broke out in 2009 with "What Track Of That?" according to a wonderfully simple character, he has: the sponsor of this debate who can not finish singing his style track. Now it's hard to visualize SNL without it. Last season, he interpreted elements ranging from a match-play with Simpson Simpson to a singing lobster from all Miz-singing to a trio of fashionable Migos using a language limited by the saying "Lambo". He won his first Emmy nomination In July, he was rewarded by an innovative martial arts musician for the "Come Back, Barack" skit that also stars Opportunity the Rapper.

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