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"It is now one of many top audio competitive events on the planet, and I would say the top beginners guitar competition. " Although they are nonetheless greatly involved yourself in all of these actions, Castellani and Andriaccio identify them selves as now finding yourself in "heritage mode," attempting to move down their love for classical beginners guitar to generations to come. About seven in years past, at about the time of Castellani's retirement from UB, they began the Castellani Andriaccio Beginners guitar Galleries, a private teaching studio for kids and adults that has venues.buffalo-tickets.com become the greatest available today from the express beyond New York City. And even though they nonetheless occasionally carry out and teach at fairs, they not embark on the things they phone the pains of concertizing. Exhibiting on which will be the proudest success from other report on many, Castellani and Andriaccio are again in best contract. "After I look back on all we now have carried out, I think the real elegance is the fact that we now have completed it with each other. For me, which is the main thing," Castellani says. .

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