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Dana University of the University of Youngstown State School of Songs has declared a collaborative keyboard event - the Northeast Kansas Keyboard Festivity keyboard game - with the entire University of Akron. The event includes two introductory classes and four concerts starting on Saturday. The guest musician is Mark Nixon, Dynamic duo of while college designers include Caroline Oltmanns, Wayne Wilding, Misook Yun, Marcellene Hawk Mayhall, Alice Wang, Sean Baran, Mayumi Kikushi, Philip Thomson and Simon Gafke. Doctor. Caroline Oltmanns, Keyboard Mentor at Dana University of Songs and Body Representative with the mentioned celebration, "We are happy to host this Keyboard Event in the past 12 months in the cities of Youngstown and Akron as a souvenir by French composer Claude Debussy: Concerts, teaching classes and recitals focus on the Music piano keyboard at keyboardpiano best computer keyboard tools, as they seem to be able to tell stories that music artists manage to inform through them on it, be motivated and have fun! " Tickets for the Sunday live show at Akron University are Moneytwelve, Money6 students and free for students from Akron University. All other events have the freedom and are ready to accept the population. Opening of a live show at Akron University with guest musician Mark Nixon at the age of 3. michael at Guzzetta Hallway, 224 E. Buchtel Road, Akron Claude Debussy Concert of gratitude at the Youngstown State University in the corridor of the recital of enjoyment at 7:30. Michael. Take the class with guest musician Mark Nixon at Akron University in Guzzetta recital hall, one or two r. Michael. Take the class with Adult piano class guest musician Mark Nixon at E.

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