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Lars Eidinger Knife Pierced Heart as Bertolt Brecht. Tobias Moretti as Macheath. Joachim Krol as Peachum. Hannah Herzsprung as Polly. And the biggest Raabe singing "Mack the Cutlery". Joachim Lang's new film follows Brecht's problems as he tried to adjust his famous chrome satire to film in the early 1930s. At that time, Brecht composed an offer for any film model, but because of disputes between Brecht and corporations, the show was not understood. Lang's 2018 model is, to some extent, a creation that records this first attempt at filming chrome. After the success of the Threepenny Opera elite in 1928, Brecht and composer Kurt Weill were quick to consider a film model. The story of Macheath, a known offender who goes with Polly, the child of the so-called London beggar Peachum, was looking for a feat on the big screen. Again, Brecht and Weill were forced to engage. Their dispute with all the companies ended up in court, which was finally settled by negotiation. The finished film, directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, was published in Berlin the last twenty years 1931. Lang's cinematographic model needs a new method, establishing his narrative around Brecht's film-based remedy and believing as he would have proved. Meanwhile, the Nero Video representative was striving for a resounding success. But Brecht does not automatically need to make a group that likes, he wants to create a political statement. In the new film, Lars Eidinger, Acting Professional, as Brecht told the companies: "In the world of art work, you and the people have the oyster's brain.

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